Managed Discretionary Account Service

You’re in safe hands.


For people who want the experts to look after their investments

Meridian Wealth Management offers a Managed Discretionary Account Service (MDA Service). Through this service, you allow us to manage your investments for you, using our discretion and without obtaining your instructions before each transaction we undertake on your behalf.

However, we do not (and we are not authorised to) open new accounts, withdraw funds or contribute funds to your investment.

Why would you do this?

  • Reduce the stress of worrying about your financial security.
  • Going overseas and want your investments managed well.
  • Don’t have the time to make the best decisions.
  • Don’t understand all the mumbo-jumbo and want someone you trust to look after it.
  • Get the best service – all the time.


By authorising us to make changes to your investments, you cannot claim we were not acting on your behalf if we acted within the authority given. Therefore, our acts bind you. It is important you understand what we are authorised to do and that you carefully read and understand the activities that you are authorising us to do on your behalf.
Generally, the financial products that we invest in on your behalf do not have any additional rights or entitlements attached to them. However, if there are, we will let you know. You can then instruct us how you wish us to proceed.
Yes. This MDA contract will set out the terms and conditions of the authority and also the investment program, which sets out how your money will be invested. We will agree and prepare the investment program for you based on your relevant personal circumstances, your financial objectives, your needs and review the program every 12 months.
If this is relevant, then the investment program set out in the MDA contract will comply with the law. The relevant law is Division 3 of Part 7.7 of the Corporations Act. The contract will also contain:

  • Statements about the nature and scope of the discretions we will be authorised and required to exercise under the MDA contract.
  • Any investment strategy that is to be applied in exercising those discretions.
  • Information about any significant risks associated with the MDA contract.
  • The basis on which we consider the MDA contract to be suitable for you.
  • Warnings that the MDA contract may not be suitable to you have provided us with limited or inaccurate information. It will also specify that the MDA service may cease to be suitable for you if your personal circumstances change.
We do not provide custodial or depository services. This means that you will either hold the investments in the portfolio, or the custodian nominated for that financial product will hold them.



Is an MDA right for you?

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