Financial Health Check

This could be the best five minutes you ever spend.

A financial health check is a bit like going to the dentist – we never do it often enough. But we can guarantee this one will be more painless than any stint in the dentist’s chair.

Imagine if you could quickly spot the gaps in your finances and put a few easy plans in place straight away that could save you thousands of dollars in a few years (or maybe even next week). That’s what the Financial Health Check is all about.

This quick survey will cover income, debt, risk, retirement and estate planning. It breaks down complex concepts into simple questions that relate to you and your life, business or family.

What will we do with the info? Your answers will help us get a more complete view of your financial situation, so that when we get in touch, we won’t have to start from scratch. All your data is secure and we don’t share it with anybody.

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“I started Meridian Wealth Management in 2004 because I saw that most financial planners were only working in their own interests – or the interests of the bank or insurer that owns them. At Meridian the only interests we have to look after are those of our clients.”

Paul Dunn
Managing Director