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Starting Out

Freedom? You’ve finished school and the world is opening for you. Perhaps higher education, first full-time job, car, clothes, entertainment. Maybe you’re finally moving out of home into your own place – choosing your own furniture, parties, only cleaning your room when you feel like it Freedom! The world is your oyster, so how do you may the most of it…

The trying times

You’re packing a lot into life these days. Juggling a career, perhaps a relationship. Marriage, young children, and a hefty mortgage. Remember when stress was all about choosing which party you wee going to attend on Saturday night? Now, you don’t seem to have the time to do half the things you’d like to do. Life is fun and full, but you need a sense of humour to stay sane! You’re managing to put a little aside, and you know it’s going to get easier…

Life begins at 40!

Along the way you got respectable and responsible. The pressure is easing a bit now, the kids are getting older. Maybe its time for that trip overseas you’ve been promising yourselves for the past ten years. It’s nice to be able to spend money revamping the kitchen and not feel guilty. And even nicer to come home from work and enjoy the swimming pool. You may be a two-income household again, and seriously thinking about how you want to live in retirement…

The middle ages

Ah, its nice to finally take a breather. How does it feel to see the kids graduate from high school or university, leaving home for an overseas experience or ’flatting’ with some friends? Did you ever think that the day would come when you had paid off the mortgage? Well it’s finally here! Say it… discretionary income, perhaps for the first time… it has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? You’ve set some goals for your retirement and you’re doing OK…

Preparing for change

Welcome to the second wind in life! You might have swapped the office for the home, but there’s so much to do – maybe you’re trying something completing different. It’s not easy learning Russian in your fifties, or trying to surf for the first time, but you’re having fun trying! The kids are settled down and you’re getting used to being called Grandma and Grandpa. Life’s busy and you’re enjoying every minute of it. Perhaps retirement’s not far off, and you’re making the most of your final working years to ensure you’re going to be OK…

Enjoying retirement

No-one ever told you that life could be this good. It’s taken a while, but now you’re enjoying being wise and content. You can kick up your heels if you want to, but perhaps you enjoy the quiet times, savouring the fruits of your labour and the richness that this time offers you. You’re proud of your achievements, and your family. Life is Good!


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