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Paul Dunn established Meridian Wealth Management in 2004 with a firm belief that with a combination of fee for service and the right advice, anyone can take control of their asset management and financial destiny to produce a lifestyle commensurate with their years of work. An Australian Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and highly sought-after professional financial advisor, Paul is skilled at providing high level strategic advice, financial review and guidance across the full spectrum of wealth management. Paul joined the Australian financial services industry in 1995 and his commitment to build and service long term relationships with his clients has differentiated him in an industry that has been criticised for focusing on financial products versus people. Paul’s career includes extensive financial management experience within the HSBC Asset Management Group and roles with NAB International Operations. He is also a CFP Member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia, a Senior Associate of the Financial Services Institute of Australia and a member of the Law Institute of Victoria A highly engaging industry speaker, Paul communicates with deep knowledge and insight on the financial markets and key industry issues and understands the wealth creation issues that are important to his clients. You can follow Paul on Twitter @meridianwealthm

Federal Budget Update 2014

‘Pain with a Purpose’

Treasurer Joe Hockey’s maiden budget delivers some bitter medicine to all Australians in a bid to shrink the deficit. Despite the emergency rhetoric, the underlying deficit forecast was revised from $33.9 billion in the mid-year economic and fiscal outlook to $29.8 billion in 2014-15 and $2.8 billion in […]

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A Guide on how to choose YOUR Financial Adviser

There are many places you can get information about money. Newspapers, magazines and the internet are one source. Family, friends and workmates can also share their experiences and offer useful tips. However, for some financial decisions, it’s important to get help from an experienced, well-informed financial adviser.

An adviser can help you make the most of […]

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The 2013/14 Federal Budget altered the timing of the Government’s pledge to return to surplus and was centered around two key themes; improving the revenue outlook (in the wake of poorly designed mining and carbon taxes) and implementing historic spending reforms on disabilities and education. The Budget will detract around -0.5% from economic growth with […]

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