Consultation Process

Consultation Process


Initial consultation (1 hour)

At this introduction we will discuss your overall situation and determine if we believe you will benefit from receiving our financial planning services. Our fee structure and review service levels are discussed with you as an overview of your requirements and expectations. You will also receive your own copy of our Financial Services Guide (FSG) which outlines the services you can expect to receive and the fees that we may charge.

Financial analysis (1.5 – 3 hours)

The Financial Analysis or Fact Finder involves the completion of a confidential questionnaire based on a one-on-one consultation. This is where we work with you to help establish your personal goals and objectives that form the basis for all recommendations in the preparation of your personal financial plan. We will then gain a snapshot of your current financial position which will embrace all areas such as Assets and Liabilities, Income and Expenditure, Investments and Superannuation, Risk Management, Taxation and Social Security as well as Estate Planning.

At the conclusion of this consultation we will discuss various financial strategies that may be beneficial to help reach your financial goals and objectives to establish what you feel most comfortable with. At this stage we will agree on an appropriate course of action, review the particular service you require and the applicable financial plan preparation fee to be paid.

Financial plan construction (4 – 20 hours)

Based on the Financial Analysis we will conduct an in-depth analysis of the information gathered. We will spend anywhere between 4 and 20 hours compiling your personal financial plan depending on the complexity involved.

Recommendations will be made on how to optimise tax savings, minimise risk, and address your needs for wealth creation and retirement income needs. This will also include Risk Management, Self-Managed Superannuation, Family Trusts and Estate Planning strategies. When required, we will act on your behalf to liaise with your accountant and solicitor if complex tax or estate structures are required.

Presentation (1.5 – 4 hours)

At this consultation we present our recommendations to you and show exactly how our strategies will assist you to reach your financial goals and objectives. We will educate you in all areas to do with your personal financial situation and detail all specific investment and product recommendations.

At the conclusion of this consultation you will be provided with your personal financial plan for your consideration which is yours to take away and explore. At this stage we will also obtain your agreement as to which review service you wish to join and what month your reviews will be conducted.

Implementation (7 days – 6 months)

This is the most complex area of establishing your financial plan. When your course of action is finalised and agreed, we will assist and administer all aspects of implementing the recommended strategies. We ensure that throughout the process, the placement of your investments, superannuation, risk management and estate planning is all directed to the correct place.


A review program for your plan is the essential part of helping you attain your goals and objectives. Together we invest considerable time into establishing your financial plan. The success of any financial plan is solely dependent on how it can cater for changes to your lifestyle and to your personal goals. This is why we strongly believe in the establishment of regular and thorough reviews.

Depending on the complexity, nature of investments and risks, we will recommend the most appropriate review process to ensure that your plan remains constant with your lifestyle.

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